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The focus of a degree within the joint honours programme at the University of Northampton is two named subjects. It can involve closely related subjects, or contrasting subjects. Depending on how much time you want to spend studying particular subjects, your degree may emphasise one of these subjects rather than the other (a major and minor programme) or there is the option of studying them more equally, resulting in a joint degree.

Joint Honours degree programme

A joint honours degree programme consists of three levels (that is, the equivalent of three years of full time study). You study 120 credits at each level, six standard modules or equivalent which makes a total of 360 credits. If you do not wish to complete the full programme, you may qualify for a Higher Ed ucation Certificate, Diploma or ordinary degree if you complete 120, 240 or 300 credits respectively.

Admission to the joint honours programme is similar to the ordinary undergraduate degree programme and students should apply through the usual UCAS route.

Combinations available

A joint honours degree is a combination of two subjects. The table below lists the subjects available. Choose any two subjects, as long as they are in different blocks.

Advertising Education Studies Business Accounting
Business Entrepreneurship English Drama Criminology
Creative Writing Law Education Studies History
Economics Marketing Management Film and Screen Studies Human Geography
Events Management Media Production and Moving Image Health Studies Human Resource Management
Popular Music Sport Studies Management Multimedia Journalism
Psychology International Development Sociology Social Care
International Tourism Management

All subjects available as major, joint or minor

If your choice is not listed, contact us to find out if it is a permitted combination. If you wish to study on a part-time basis, you can apply direct.

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