The Max Engel Memorial Bursary is currently £1500 and may be awarded to one student or, exceptionally, it may be divided between two or more students. It is intended to assist the successful student in undertaking postgraduate study leading to a law based career.


Max Engel was a local solicitor who was highly respected both within his profession and within the community. Following his death in 2005, his son Richard Engel was instrumental in setting up the bursary which assists a deserving student who is to undertake postgraduate study. The bursary was first awarded in 2006. The University of Northampton is proud to have been chosen to administer the Max Engel Memorial Bursary, which is to be awarded by the Sudborough Foundation.


  • the bursary is not intended as a prize for the best academic achiever, it is intended that it should be awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the Award Panel, is the most deserving of help
  • the bursary will be paid upon the successful candidate providing evidence of having commenced the further course of study which the bursary is intended to support


The bursary is open to any final year undergraduate student at the University of Northampton who has at least 200 credits (for example 10 x 20 credit modules) from the undergraduate Law Field module catalogue.

The award panel will take into account:

  • academic background
  • academic progress made while the student has been at university
  • contribution to the life of the University and to the Law Division
  • any difficulties which the student has had to overcome in obtaining his or her degree
  • any other relevant criteria


  • the interview panel will be a sub committee of the Award Panel
  • the sub committee will forward their recommendation to the Award Panel who will make the final decision
  • in the event of any dispute arising in respect of any aspect of the award of the Max Engel Memorial Bursary, the decision of the Award Panel shall be final


  • students should send a letter setting out the reasons for their application with reference being made to the matters set out above
  • shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview