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This enjoyable and demanding course allows students to develop a distinctive voice as a writer. A range of writing skills is developed through a carefully planned and precisely structured approach. Students explore the poem, short story, autobiography, biography, scriptwriting and writing for performance. A dedicated team of six published writers support individual writing skills through regular, friendly workshops.​



​Red Kite 2015 launched at Althorp Literary Festival 2015

Each June the University sponsors the Althorp Literary Festival. Lecturers Richard Canning, Gerri Kimber and Jon Mackely rubbed shoulders with well known faces, including Darcy Bussell, to launch Red Kite 2015, a collection of works by our own Creative Writing Students. 

​​​​​​You can see more photographs of this event at our Flickr Account​ by clicking on the link.

​Lecturer Unearths Unkown Katherine Mansfield Poems
In the Newberry Library in Chicago, Dr Gerri Kimber, Senior Lecturer in English, was astonished to discover almost 30 unknown poems by the author written during a difficult period of her life. The Guardian reports that Dr Kimber said about the find: 

“I had three days to spare so I wanted to go through every single thing the Newberry has pertaining to Mansfield. I thought, ‘I don’t recognise this one. Or this one. Or this one …’ I couldn’t believe my eyes!”
For the full story you can go to the Guardian Website


#Hashtag named Children's Word of the Year

​​Dr Gerri Kimber, Senior Lecturer in English, recently gave her verdict on the news that Hashtag has been named Children's Word of the Year. You can read the full article by clicking on the link. 


Subject Futures Week

​​​Please see below the 2015 Subject Futures Week video, which highlights just some of the creative industry guests who attended to share knowledge and insights with students about the reality of working and life after University.  


Please also see the 2013 Subject Futures Week video​ and the 2014 Subject Futures week video, with many more exciting guests from across the creative industries.​​

Creative Writing

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