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The Access to HE Diploma is an increasingly popular method of entry to the University of Northampton. If you have completed or are currently taking an Access to HE Diploma, we have information on the next steps available for you.  If you haven’t taken your diploma yet, and would also like some information, we also have that available below.

Pathway to success

Once you have completed your Access course, we want to help you gain the skills and education required to achieve your dreams. Over the years, we have helped countless people achieve success and meet their goals. Not only do we have outstanding teaching staff, our student support framework is designed to help you navigate the path to achieving what you want to achieve.

Donna Coleman Criminology Student 

Donna Coleman

“I never thought I would be here now… If ten years ago you’d told me this was what I would be doing with my life, I’d have laughed at you”.

Donna was exhausted with struggling to make ends meet and even having to turn to food banks to keep her three sons fed.

Donna did not have a great deal of formal qualifications from school, and was worried she wouldn’t be able to gain access to this course, but after some research, she found out about the Access to HE Diploma. After she finished her college course she successfully applied to study Criminology at the University of Northampton.

Donna hopes to one day work with victims of domestic violence, and not content with just studying, she is boosting her CV with voluntary work at Victim Support.

Access to HE Diploma and The University of Northampton.

We welcome applications with Access to HE Diplomas as a method of entry to all our undergraduate courses, and have recently seen a rise in applications from these courses.  Information on your entry requirements can be found on every course page throughout our website.

Next Steps

Applying to University can be a confusing time, especially if you are not applying through a school or college.

Applications to the University are sent via UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions service), through which you fill out your personal details, qualifications, and importantly, a personal statement.  Your UCAS application is what is received by the University.  If you would like to apply or if you would like further information, visit the UCAS website.

If you have any questions about applications, no matter how big or small, that you would like us to answer for you, you can email, or call 0300 303 2772.

Starting an Access to HE Diploma

The Access to HE Diploma can provide you with a qualification which is designed to enable you to study at University level.  These diploma courses are growing in popularity for students, and now widely recognised by Universities as a method of entry to University. Courses can be specialised in a range of areas, including health care, business and education.

If you are looking to study a course, more information on the Access to HE Diploma courses available in the area is available on the Access to Higher Education website.