Judy Sayers

Name of Student:

Judy Sayers

Names of supervisors:

Richard Rose/Lyn Dawes (internal), Anne Watson (external: Oxford)

Title of project:

Primary Teachers’ conceptions of Whole Class Interactive phases of Mathematics Lessons

Project abstract:

This study examines the ways in which primary teachers conceptualise whole class interactive (WCI) phases of mathematics lessons. Using a multiple case study approach, a group of primary teachers are studied who are considered to be effective ambassadors of the subject. The research analyses their espoused beliefs about mathematics and their beliefs and approaches to the teaching of the subject. These are examined against their enacted practices and the way in which they conceptualise those actions through justifications and their rationale of pedagogical impact on learners. Two distinct groups emerge from the data, essentially presenting one group that is mediated by influences, e.g. directives from national and local contexts, placed upon them, and, the other to be mediators of these influences.  The conclusions present plausible reasons why this dichotomy reveals itself amongst the group of six teachers and offers implications for future primary teacher training in mathematics education.

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Recent conference presentations and published papers:


  • Andrews P & Sayers, J. (2011) Mathematics Teaching. Learning from Others. 225 , 3-7.
  • Andrews, P., & Sayers, J. (2008). Conditions for learning: Part 4. Mathematics Teaching, 209, 10-13.
  • Andrews, P., & Sayers, J. (2008). Examining the veracity of the national mathematics teaching script, Paper presented to Discussion Group 14, International Comparisons in Mathematics Education, at the Eleventh International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME 11). University of Monterrey, Mexico.

Conference presentations:

  • Sayers. J.M. (2011). The Pedagogical Consequences of a Laissez-Faire Individualistic Society.  Poster presented at CERME 7 proceedings (in press).
  • Sayers. J.M. (2010) The Changing Lens of a Case Study. Poster presentation at Faculty of Education Research Students’ Association (FERSA) Kaleidoscope Annual Conference Cambridge.