’Aspire Northamptonshire’ is an aspirational initiative developed collaboratively between the following key providers of Higher Education outreach support for schools and colleges across Northamptonshire:

  • The University of Northampton (lead partner) and:
  • AimHigher
  • Moulton College
  • Northampton College
  • Northamptonshire County Council Library Service
  • Tresham College

These providers are known as the ‘Aspire Network’ and together they aim to deliver resources, information, support and activities for children, schools and colleges through a single web-based portal which will be available in July 2015.

The aim of the portal is to provide a single area for information on Higher Education outreach activity across Northamptonshire. The portal will be available to students through their schools and colleges or at home with their parents or carers. The idea is that this one area will have a dedicated enquiry service providing advice, support and encouragement to every child that is interested in Higher Education and lifelong learning.

The Aspire Network aims to inspire every child aged 11-16 in Northamptonshire to be the best they can be through delivering high quality resources, support, activities and information. We do, however, have an intention to increase student numbers in higher education from under-represented groups and will work closely with any school or college that wishes to engage with us in this endeavour.

Planned Pre-16 activities, information, support and resources

The intention is to streamline all engagement between young people and organisations that wish to engage with them in an aspirational, awareness and attainment raising intervention, and that much of this can be accessed via the web-based portal. These interventions are divided into the following four categories:


The network will offer a range of services, events, workshops and sessions both in schools and outside in the community, including at the Aspire Network institutions themselves. These may include taster days, STEM events, employability workshops and much more. For example, schools and children can engage in activities as part of the Children’s University, an aspirational programme that rewards children for engaging in extra-curricular activities. In addition, the Northamptonshire library service offer a huge range of learning activities for young people to engage in including creative writing workshops, GCSE Maths surgeries or Mask making. Both of the mentioned services and many more will be available through the web-based portal.


The portal will provide a wealth of information on aspirational, awareness and attainment raising topics.


Each institution has student volunteers that are willing to visit schools as Ambassadors supporting activities such as reading and to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. In addition, advisers will be made available to discuss higher and further educational routes and pathways.


The portal will provide a wide range of resources including toolkits and learning resources for children and college staff. There will also be access to expert contributors in various fields including health and wellbeing.

Latest Developments on Aspire Northamptonshire

‘Aspire Northamptonshire’ officially launches on the week commencing 6th July 2015 through a range of exciting activities at a range of locations including at the partner organisations and in schools and colleges. More information will be made available on these activities very soon.

From academic year 2015/2016 schools and colleges can access information about outreach activity through the Aspire website which will be available soon.

Find out more about Aspire Northamptonshire. For more details email Tim Hodey at aspire@northampton.ac.uk or call on 01604 892 757.